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Your Piano Lessons

Are you thinking about having your young child start taking piano lessons? Are you wondering if you should study piano again after not playing for years? Do you think studying piano would help you understand music theory better? I am happy to teach students of any stage of life.  Music is a wonderful human language. I would like to help you with setting your own musical goals.  
Nanae Wolf 
Why Private Lessons?
I provide private one-on-one lessons customized for each student. Each individual comes from a unique background with a different potential. I observe each student very carefully and do my best to help him/her improve their skills in playing, reading, and understanding music. Private piano lessons are more effective than group piano lessons because a teacher can focus on just one student without any disruptions during each lesson. Also, a student's problems are diagnosed more quickly compared to group lessons where they are often overlooked. By taking private lessons from a good teacher, a student can develop good posture, longer attention on music, and eventually a larger repertoire in piano music than by taking group lessons. Each student is required to practice their assigned music at home on a daily basis.
Who should take piano lessons?
I understand that piano lessons are not for everyone. Some people are really good at sports, visual arts, engineering, mathematics etc. To become really good in a certain area, you need to practice/study on a regular basis. Since I was young, I have loved practicing piano. I always encourage each of my students to practice piano on a daily basis. I am a very patient teacher and I would be happy to keep encouraging you to build a daily practice habit. If you think you can make the commitment of practicing piano on a daily basis, I would be happy to help you. If you love classical music and dream of playing piano or you want your child to learn piano, just give it a try. You never know how much musical talent you have until your fingers actually touch the piano keys and start taking lessons.